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Possible coat of arms

On this page you find information about a possible coat of arms. The information comes from a Geneologic yearbook from the Rijksarchief (nowadays called Tresoar;

Coat of arms

    • Devided:
    • I: the Frisian eagle
    • II: cut through
    • A. in red a cut off branch with a down hanging acorn, on the left side a oakleaf and on the right in surculus, everything in gold;
    • B. in silver three green clovers, two and one
    • Crest: in a sprout branch of the shield, but green and with the clover strait up.
    • Covers: red and green.


Descendants of Roel Jans (Garijp, The Netherlands 1675 - 1756)
On the tomb-stone of his daughter Mincke (Tietjerk, The Netherlands 1756) is a coat of arms without a oakbranch and with the clovers one on top of the other. The addition comes from the coat of arms of Gerke Ubles, assistant examinor of Achtkarspelen (municipal in The Netherlands), uncle from The wive of Roel, Maeike Binnes, as a seal on a deed of purchaes from 1705, which can be found in Tresoar, in Friesland.

The coat of arms is made by J.H. Wymenga from Drachten, The Netherlands, who also arranged the colorswith help from drs. K.M. van der Kooi